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Celebrating our 40th Anniversary! 1983-2023

SiFi Digital Player!

Featuring Industry Specific News Feeds—updated automatically!

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Positive customer reviews are critical for every business.

With this multifaceted, multimedia service, soliciting and presenting them has become very easy!


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PeopleQ's, ProductQ's, BuyerQ's and CarQ's Logo

Big Hit with Auto Dealerships & Retailers!

Easy-Q's™, Advertel's innovative new marketing suite of Q-R Code Mobile App's—in development since 2012, debuts for all types of businesses.


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Bundled Services!

Happy Phone Calls Logo

Combine our top three TeleBranding™ services:

• VoiceTex™
• VoiceTrax™

in a comprehensive branding bundle! Refit all phone system voice prompts and hold queues with a user-friendly experience designed to dwarf your competition.


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Solemnity Services

Exclusive for the death care industry!

Let these innovative marketing services usher your funeral home or cemetery into the 21st century.


• Prayer in the-Air™
• CemQuest™
• SayMyGoodbye™
• Fondest Memory™

and more!

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Your telephone listening audience is

accustomed to hearing our announcers sing your many praises on-hold.

But what if we could also let them do the singing?

Ask how easy it is to combine these two services in one!


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Rated Highest in U.S.—Especially Over the Holidays!

See for yourself how ADS-ON-HOLD® earned the highest rating in the country for more than four (4) decades!

In addition to providing the latest in audio technology, broadcast quality advertising and large variety of background music, every ADS-ON-HOLD® subscriber gets to play some of the best holiday music on the planet—along with exclusive celebrity interviews, customer FeedBax®, and so much more!

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Good Customer Reviews—A Must for Every Business!

Everyone considers customer reviews when making major purchases, and even some minor ones!

Make sure your business has a high consumer rating—across multiple forms of media! FeedBax® by Advertel assures you’ll have bona fide customer reviews that are convincingly positive, and are seen/heard by virtually everyone who does business with you—or even thinking about it!

FeedBax® is available by phone, internet, man-on-the-street, and smartphone mobile app!



Q-R Codes Are Great Marketing Tools!

Q-R Code Management

If you’re still using a Q-R code to link to your website, then you’re missing the point.

• Buyer-Q's™

• People-Q's™

• Car-Q's™

• Thank-Q's™

Q-R codes are great quick reference tools for videos, audio presentations, owner’s guides, playback/record customer reviews, click-to-call, and more!

Let Advertel program your Q-R Code to feature a product, salesperson, or follow-up after the sale. Advertel’s new Easy-Q's™ Q-R code app's are quite unique and relatively low cost.

Our extensive experience with web and phone media makes this an absolute natural addition for us—and must buy for every marketing budget!

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Happy Phone Calls!℠

It's Not Just Our Ad Slogan—It’s Our Guarantee!

When Advertel adopted the new slogan, “Happy Phone Calls!™”—we knew right away it was going to be a big hit.

Not only does it provide a catchy memorable phrase for marketing our TeleBranding™ Services, it also provides a full explanation – in just three words – all the reasons why employing Advertel’s acclaimed TeleBranding™ Service makes sense for virtually every business.

It’s the reason we come to work every day, and reflects our absolute commitment to you, your company, and your customers!

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Heart-Warming Radio™—Memorial Tributes, Uplifting Music, Prayer & Thought Provoking Discussion for Bereaved Families

When Advertel produced its first Prayer-in-the-Air™ for cemeteries in 2009, we knew we created something very special.

But, we didn’t realize the impact we’d have on bereaved families mourning the loss of a loved one: “Your program helped me make it through the holidays!” reported one widower. “It was wonderful to hear the voice of my best friend again!” reported a visitor surprised to hear her friend’s memorial tribute on the broadcast.

Cemeteries, funeral homes, and mausoleums can all make use of this uplifting program that benefits families—and the deathcare industry—in so many ways!

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Phone & Web Integration™

Everything You Need to Connect with Customers!

Make First Contact!™—No, this isn’t a new Sci-Fi flick. It’s what Advertel does to help clients connect with their customers!

The two most prevalent forms of media that new customers of virtually every business use to “shop around,” are the telephone and the internet.

By no coincidence, these are the preferred forms of media Advertel has developed a nationwide reputation—unmatched by any other agency.

Let Advertel propose a creative strategy that integrates these two vitally important media forms for your business.

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